Kilcoe National School

Skibbereen, Co. Cork

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Health Promoting Schools Initiative

From the Autumn 2012 Edition of HPS Newsletter


In 2011, we first were awarded our Health promotion flag in recognition of the conscientious effort students, staff and the wider community made. Since then we have made a consistent effort to promote our well-being through fostering healthy lunches, part taking in physical education and physical activities throughout the school day. We have also engaged outside expertise in certain areas of our P.E. programme to ensure that our students enjoy and achieve their potential.


Who is involved


•           The children.

•           The HPS Initiative working group.

•           The school community through the questionnaire.

•           Staff.

•           The HSE.

•           The GAA.



By actively involving our children in an educational process, our students and staff will become healthier. Consequentially we aim to provide better learning results for students.


We held a healthy eating day in March where the children made smoothies and tried out lots of fruits and vegetables.





















We aim to achieve a coordinated approach to social, emotional, physical and environmental needs of our students often engaging outside agencies to assist with this process.






















We aim to lower the incidence of bullying in our school. This year our school achieved the Antibullying Flag.


This year our school also acheived The Amber Flag in recognition of the efforts both students and staff in Mental Health Awareness.
























The school environment will be made safer and more secure

•Pupil’s self-esteem will be raised in receiving a better quality of Health Education

•All concerned will have a better understanding of the school's health aims.

•Relationships within the school will be enhanced

•There will be a better involvement of parents


Vision Statement


Kilcoe National School as a health promoting school is one in which the Board of Management, staff, students and relevant agencies work together in a planned way to promote the health of everyone in the school community by ensuring that all aspects of school life, in addition to the formal curriculum, support positive health messages promoted in the classroom.


We wish to promote the objectives of social, personal and health education as outlined in the curriculum. A health promoting school is a continuously changing organization. Progress is ongoing through self-assessment and a constant engagement with the students, staff, the larger school community and the HSE professionals.


"A Health Promoting School can be characterised as a school constantly strengthening its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working".


Kilcoe National School decided to become involved in the HPS Initiative in order to formalise our commitment to health. We have been a HPS for many years through the Green Flag Initiative in school and after school sporting activities, healthy lunches, fruit break, drinking of water and our school garden. Through our involvement with the HSE we hope to bring this health promoting commitment to a new level.

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