Kilcoe National School

Skibbereen, Co. Cork

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Our School Facilities

Our school has recently been renovated and rebuilt as a modern school building. We have three classrooms, a learning support classroom and a resource room. All our classrooms are equiped with a wide variety of teaching and learning resources and with the latest tools to assist teaching and learning including an interactive whiteboard in each classroom.


Our school hall provides us with a large indoor space for P.E, games, music classes, rehearsals, public performances, exhibitions etc. The school hall is very much at the centre of the community and is used by many local community organisations.


Outside the school we have a large playground,a football yard, basketball court and playing pitch. The school has a great sense of space and according to the age group of the pupils, they play in the different areas of the school yard at breaktimes and at P.E.


As part of the Health Promoting project we invested in yard decorations to enhance the playing areas for the pupils. These include a maze, hopscotch, naughts and crosses and obstacle course. We also have a jungle gym in the front yard.


A large picnic table allows for outdoor lessons and games area when the weather is fine and there is is a friendship bench for all children to avail of.


The school is also equipped with a wheelchair ramp and wheelchair accessible toilet.