Kilcoe National School

Skibbereen, Co. Cork

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In Kilcoe National School, we endorse the aims of the Primary School Curriculum  for drama:


• To enable the child to become drama literate.


• To enable the child to qreate  a permanent  bridge between make-believe,  play and the art form of theatre.


• To develop the child's ability to enter physically, emotionally,  and intellectually into the drama world in order to promote  questioning,  empowering  and empathetic skills.


• To enable the child to develop the social skills necessary  to engage openly, honestly and playfully with others.


• To enable  the child to co-operate and communicate  with others in solving problems in the drama  and through  the drama.


• To enable the child to understand  the structures  and modes of drama and how they create links between  play, thought  and life.


Our teachers regularly integrate drama methodoligies into the teaching of other subject areas in order to aid student learning and understanding. Occasionally, visiting drama groups visit the school to give drama workshops and to perform a show for the students.


We also love performing on stage and every child is given to opportunity to act, sing and dance in our annual Christmas Production

Visiting Drama Group Performs in School Hall

Christmas Plays 2014

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The Junior room performed Whoops a Daisy Angel

The Middle room performed The Pied Piper of Hamelin

The Senior Room performed 'Ilen TV'

Visiting Theatre Group

The whole school enjoyed a performance from a visiting drama group from England. They put on a fantastic show about the Socerers Apprentice. They even selected children from the audience to take part in the show!.

In the Spring, Karen Minihane from Schull facilitated a six-week block of drama lessons for all the children in the school. The classes were great fun for all.